Mountaineering in Himalaya

Flying into the Ladakhi capital of Leh, the shapely peak of Stok Kangri (6121 m) is prominent on the southern skyline. Spending several days acclimatizing, we will visit the colorful monasteries of Shey, Thikse and Hemis before setting off on the lovely trek through the Markha Valley. Our route leads by way of several remote and picturesque villages to the high Nimaling Plain below the imposing peak of Kang Yatze.

The climb on Stok Kangri is both challenging and interesting. This is a wonderfully varied trip, perfectly suited to someone seeking his or her first Himalayan summit.

Itinerary for Stok Kangri Expedition
List of Open Peaks in the Ladakh Region:

Peak Name Heights(in mtrs)
Apsarasas II 7200
Apsarasas III 7200
Chong Kumdan II 7004
Padmanabh 7030
Peak 7223 7223
Pk 7130 (Apsaras Group) 7130
Pk 7140 (Apsaras Group) 7140
Pk 7160 (east of K12) 7160
Pk 7195 (Teram Kangri Group) 7195
Pk 7260 (Teram Kangri Group) 7260
Pk 7280 (west of Kondus) 7280
Pk 7410 (Teram Kangri Group) 7410
Plateau Peak 7287
Saltoro Kangri II 7705
Saser Kangri II "E" 7518
Saser Kangri III "N" 7093
Tughmo Zarpo 7017

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