Zanskar Special Tour

The Zanskar terrain differs radically than that of Ladakh. Here the valleys are more vast and open with grasslands. From Ladakh the main gateway to upper Zanskar remains the Pensi La pass at 14,435 ft/4400m. With a relatively small population Zanskar however does have abundant water and land. While the upper villages in the region depend on livestock namely Dzos, Yak, sheep, and goats, the lower villages sustain themselves through agriculture growing crops like barely, wheat and peas. Zanskar also boasts of ancient monasteries perched high up on the hills, Phuktal monastery being the most spectacularly located with a yawning cave high up on the mountain side. Exotic Asia Travel offers the visitor numerous trekking options in Zanskar. Many trails from here lead into Kishtwar in Kashmir and Darcha in Himachal Pradesh with others lead into Leh. The scenery here is awesome with deep river gorges, vast open grasslands, barren towering mountains looming over tiny villages fringed by poplar and willow trees and rich fields. Zanskar is an unforgettable experience for the first time trekker.

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