Ladakh Zanskar Jeep Safaris

One of the most relaxed way of exploring the distinctive regions of Ladakh and Zanskar is by Jeep. Exotic Asia Travel has access to a fleet of well maintained Jeeps with expert, knowledgeable drivers who know the terrain and all the roads well. Choose from our range of Jeep Safaris or make up one of your own with our assistance. All our Jeep safaris take you to heights of 4,500 meters/14,000 feet and above.

Zanskar Jeep Safari: 7 Days
Leh - Rangdum - Karsha over Pensi La 4400m - Zangla Castle & Stongde Gompa - Bardan Gompa - Sani - Parkachik - Mulbekh - Leh.

Zanskar that stretches between two great Himalayan ranges also known as the hidden kingdom is one of the most isolated areas in the trans Himalaya. Open only for about four months a year as during the rest of the year it is remains snow bound for the remaining eight. The people share a distinct identity in their Buddhist traditions. This Jeep safari leads out of Leh and goes via Sham and the Suru valley shadowed by the towering Nun Kun massif. We cross the 4400 meter high Pensi La home to two glimmering lakes and the western gateway to Zanskar. En route we get to see the gigantic Drang Drung glacier after passing the Stod Valley. Within this region stand the ancient monasteries of Karsha, Zangla, Stongde and Bardan. After an eventful 7 days of traveling in this hidden paradise we return to Leh.

Nubra Jeep Safari: 4 Days
Leh - Khardung La - Diskit Gompa - Stamsaling Gompa - Leh.
This 4 day Jeep Safari takes you into the remote Nubra Valley north of Leh over the highest motorable pass in the world the 5602 meter high Khardung La the highest point on this safari. Nubra is one of the most picturesque valleys in Ladakh at an average altitude of 3000 meters. It was also once the principal stoppage for the caravans that made their way to the teeming bazaars of Central Asia passing legendary towns of Kashgar, Yarkhand and various places in China, Tibet and Turkistan. Here you get to see a small population of the rare double humped Bactrian camel which along with sturdy horses made up the caravans.

Dha Hanu Jeep Safari: 4 Days
Lamayuru - Dha Hanu - Villages of the Drokpa Tribe - Uletokpo Camp - Ridzong Gompa - Bazgo Fort - Leh.

This Jeep safari takes through the Kargil region into the land of a distinct racially ethnic people - the Drok-pa. Living at the confluence of Shyok and Indus rivers and between two cultures Buddhist and Muslim they have preserved their unusual traditions that radically differ from both these cultures. They have traditionally avoided all products derived from the cow. The Ibex is sacred to them and they have preserved their traditions and history through songs. Migrating from the pre dominantly Muslim region of Gilgit region which is now in Pakistan they claim to be of pure Aryan stock and practice animistic faith they comprise of about 2000 inhabitants residing in five villages. One of the most striking features about these handsome people is their ornaments and dress.

Changthang Jeep Safari: 5 Days
Leh - Chumathang hot springs - Tso Moriri Lake - Tso Kar Lake - Tanglangla - Rumtse - Leh

This fascinating Jeep Safari leads out of Leh into the Changthang plains and the spectacular shores of the extensive 20 Km long Tso Moriri lake with the ancient village of Karzok at its northern end. A circular safari it begins at Leh and traversing two beautiful lakes climbs up to the 5260 meter high Tanglang La pass the second highest motorable, pass in the world and returns to Leh. From Leh we head towards the Mahe bridge and after visiting the Chumathang hot springs head on to the Karzok village and the shores of the Tso Moriri. Tso Kar the next lake is heavily brackish and you can spot miniature crystallised salt hills on its shore. This entire plain is also home to Changpa nomads who roam this region grazing their sheep. Throughout the entire trip you come across some of the most spectacular landscapes as you drive past vast stretches where it seems you can almost touch the horizon.

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