Ladakh Special Tour

Once a hectic centre visited by numerous traders travelling on the trade routes leading to the teeming bazaars of central Asia, Leh, today the district capital of Ladakh plays host instead to visitors from all over the world. Located in the western end of the Great Himalaya, Ladakh displays an astounding variety of mountain ranges with river basins and numerous rivers. Composed of bald granite hills and mountains, Ladakh also sustains a sizeable amount of wild life. Today it offers the traveller and the adventurer numerous trails to explore and trek. While Leh itself offers the visitor almost all the amenities he could ask for, the rest of the region remains remote and uninhabited save for the occasional village with its own Monastery and green fields of barely, wheat and peas the only crops that manage to grow in this barren land. Trekking enthusiasts have a choice of a number of options. Ladakh offers treks ranging from 3 days to 24 days some of them going through the stark landscape of Zanskar while others lead into the neighbouring state of Himachal Pradesh. Mountaineering is another outdoor activity that one can indulge in with numerous peaks towering in the Ladakh and Zanskar ranges. Exotic Asia Travel offers the very best of services to all its clients and promises a great time in this enchanting land.

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